Healthy Eating Policy

Redeemer follows a Healthy Eating Policy. Students bring their own lunches and all students must sit to eat for ten minutes at each break.

At Redeemer

  • Children bring their own lunches.
  • Teachers expect that children eat all the lunch that parents send.
  • There is no tuckshop.
  • Children are not permitted to leave the School grounds to buy their lunches.
  • Students are requested to take home all uneaten food so that parents know if the quantity they are sending is too large or if the child does not like a particular food.
  • Water is the recommended drink.
  • Water may be taken into the classroom during extremely hot weather.

During the year, there may be special food days organized [e.g. sausage sizzles, pizza lunch and Fifty Cent Food Days (FCFD)]. Parents will be notified of these food days in the Newsletter. They will only occur occasionally during each term.

An increasing number of students experience anaphylaxis reactions to particular foods. It is therefore imperative that:-

  • Children do not share food;
  • Children wash their hands before and after eating;
  • Food donated for Food Days are either nut free or clearly labelled.

Parents are asked to keep special treats (e.g. lollies, chips, chocolates) for after school. Children who bring such food will be instructed to take this food home and to eat it after school.

As a health promoting School, we encourage parents to send simple, nutritious food to School.