Parents & Friends Committee

As a subcommittee of the Redeemer School Council, the Parents and Friends Committee meets monthly and conducts fundraising activities to provide extra resources for the College. It provides opportunities for parents to meet each other, discuss general matters concerning their child’s education as well as organising fundraising activities to purchase resources for sport, library and other special projects.  As a part of the PFC Fundraising activities, a Uniform Shop is run twice weekly. The Shop, outfitted with computer, scanner and docket printer is located at the end of the Chapel and is well stocked. Volunteers run both the shop and organise the required supplies of stock. The PFC also provide a Book Pack service each year for parents to access the required school stationary for the following year. This is also run by parent volunteers.

All families are encouraged to support the PFC in some form.

Refundable Volunteers Levy

The Parents and Friends Committee (PFC) has a Refundable Volunteers Levy (RVPF)

The Refundable Volunteer Levy (RVPF) aims to

  • Encourage families to assist with maintenance of the College reducing maintenance costs thus allowing extra funds to be allocated directly to students’ learning.
  • To maintain the sense of community and sense of pride; and allowing for friendships and support bases to develop amongst the School Community.

Download the Refundable Volunteers Levy Form


  1. The PFC will charge a $50 Refundable Volunteers Levy per semester per family.
  2. These funds will become part of the PFC Budget and its use directed by the Parents and Friends Committee.
  3. The Levy will be administered through the School Administration Office by adding the $50 Levy to each of the First and Third Term’s School Fees.
  4. The Levy will be fully refundable from the Business Office when an authorized Refundable Volunteers Levy Claim Form has been received after a family member attends an eligible College Working Bee or Voluntary Activity.

Eligible Activities include

  • Attending Scheduled Working Bee
  • Providing Voluntary Maintenance
  • Performing a PFC Executive Role
  • Performing a PFC Fundraising Co-ordinators Role – Catering, Uniform Committee, Book Pack
  • Regularly volunteering in Classrooms or Library

Ineligible Activities include

  • Assisting at PFC Fundraising Events.
    • The final decision on eligibility of refund will be determined by the PFC Executive.

    The final decision on eligibility of refund will be determined by the PFC Executive.