Physical Education

Redeemer’s total Physical Education Program comprises a number of elements

Physical Education Lessons

These lessons are 45 minutes in length and enjoyed by each year level once a week. The lessons are conducted by a Physical Education Teacher. Each term there is a different focus for the lessons but developing skills and aerobic fitness are always two key elements.

Term One –  Cross Country /Interhouse Cross Country
Term Two –  Athletics/ Interhouse Athletics
Term Three – Sport activities, skill development, rules and team work
Term Four – Swimming/Interhouse Swimming/Interschool Swimming



For P-6 students a weekly Sport lesson of 45 minutes, where students enjoy playing games, is organised in Clusters. In the Senior Primary School this is a wonderful opportunity to play, and become familiar with, the more formal games like netball, cricket, soccer and basketball. Being arranged in clusters enables groups to be multi-age allowing students to mix with and get to know other students and teachers from different year levels.


Daily Fitness

Recognising the importance of encouraging healthy lifestyles and knowing the value of physical activity in assisting with concentration and overall learning we also have daily fitness 3 days a week. In 2012 the whole school adopted “Play is the Way” as our daily fitness program. Play is the Way has a dual purpose of assisting the development of social skills and positive peer interaction. 20 minutes is spent on this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.


Interhouse Competitions

Redeemer Lutheran College, Biloela has two sport houses into which families are allocated – Acacia (gold) and Grevillea (red). The traditional Interhouse competitions are run for Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming with the aim for 100% participation in the Primary School and robust participation from the Secondary School students.  


Port Curtis and Capricornia Sports Trials

Students in Year 5 to 12 are also able to participate in Port Curtis Trials in many organised sports; Touch Football, Soccer, Rugby League, Netball, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics. If selected in Port Curtis teams students are eligible to go onto Capricornia Trials in which selection takes you to State Championships! We have enjoyed watching the increasing number of students from our school who are selected in these levels.

Along with these formal elements it is delightful to see how physically active our students are at each break playing handball, tennis, tiggy, soccer, cricket and imaginary games in the exploration garden.

School hours make it difficult to avoid activities in the really hot parts of the day and we designate the morning periods for Maths and English as this is the prime teaching time. We do live in a hot climate but are fortunate at Redeemer to have many shaded areas and facilities in which to enjoy all this activity and as a Sunsmart School staff take measures to reduce the risks associated with our climate by providing and applying sunscreen, insisting on the wearing of hats, encouraging frequent hydration and planning for activities in shaded spaces. The health and safety of our students is important to us and we hope to assist in developing healthy young men and women of the future.