Christian Education

Christian Studies
Christian Studies is an important Key learning area at Redeemer Lutheran College, Biloela and is taught and assessed at all year levels P-10. The Christian Studies Curriculum Framework (CSCF), developed by Lutheran Education Australia, is used to develop Christian Studies Inquiry units. One strand is the focus each term but units can be developed across strands. As a College we have allocated outcomes from CSCF to year levels as a scope and sequence to ensure that all outcomes are covered. These outcomes should be the core focus of units.

The prime aim is to lead students to know and love Jesus as their Saviour, to nurture their faith and encourage its expression.

Church Participation
Throughout the year each class is invited to participate in a Church Service with Redeemer Congregation. Student Participation is encouraged but optional. The roster below is a general guideline.
Term One – Secondary School students collectively and Year 1
Term Two – Year 6 and 2
Term Three – Year 5 and 3
Term Four – Year 4 and Prep

Class Devotions
Each day at Redeemer begins with a devotional time (10-15 minutes) with the children. Devotional programs vary amongst staff ranging from child directed to teacher directed. The use of the weekly worship powerpoint is encouraged for one class devotion a week to assist with the development of a repertoire of worship songs.

Classes have the practise of saying Grace before each break.

The Secondary School 7-10 meet in Trinity Chapel for worship every Wednesday from 8:45 to 9:15 and the Primary classes gather on Friday morning 8:45-9:15. Chapel provides an opportunity to worship together, witness and learn some of the liturgical practises of the Christian Church. Classes are rostered to assist with Chapel (singing leaders, reading the Word, prayers). Pastor, and sometimes staff, present the message. Staff collaboratively plans the worship theme for the semester/year and assist with the preparation of the weekly worship powerpoints.