Assessment & Reporting


Both Formative and Summative Assessment are used in the overall assessment of student progress.

Formative assessment is assessment for learning. It is part of the instructional process. It is a range of formal and informal assessment procedures employed by teachers during the learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student outcomes.

Summative assessment refers to the assessment of learning and summarises the development of learners at a particular time after a period of learning.


Reporting can be both Formal and Informal and is completed in a number of ways. The emphasis of reporting is on individual progress in learning.


Formal Reporting Process at Redeemer

  • Parent Teacher Interviews are offered at the end of Term One and at the beginning Term Three.
  • A Formal Report and Portfolio are issued at the end of Term Two – First Semester and the end of Term Four – Second Semester.


Portfolios include

  • An overview of each term’s content.
  • Student assessment tasks with marking criteria.
  • Student work samples.


Informal Reporting Processes at Redeemer

  • Fortnightly School Newsletter
  • Parent Teacher Meeting at the beginning of the year. (Term One Week Three)
  • Parent Teacher interviews encouraged when required by teacher and or parents.
  • Email addresses available to communicate with staff
  • Diary / Communication book


Standardised Testing Conducted at Redeemer

Standardised testing at Redeemer