Fees, paid by parents, represent around 15% of the costs required to educate each child at this College. The other 85% of funding is by way of Commonwealth and State Government grants or capital funding. To ensure the College maintains a positive cash flow, parents are required to pay their Fees by the due date each term. Fees are issued in Week One of each term and are payable in twenty-one (21) days. An administration fee applies to overdue accounts each term. The College offers a number of payment options; cash, direct deposit, or Bankcard/Visa/Mastercard, and payment plans. If you wish to pay a full year’s fees and take advantage of the 5% discount on the tuition component, please notify the office as soon as possible.

Parents pay a Curriculum Levy each term. This levy assists in providing art materials, computers and technology, excursions, attendance at educational performances and swimming. A Capital Works Levy is also charged. This money is used to pay for major works such as the Preparatory classroom, the purpose built library and refurbishment of Administration, the Secondary School campus and the new Senior Primary facilities.